Andreas Robinson



Andreas Robinson,Founder & CEO Infinitus Academy Inc and Limitless Media CIC

Saint Mary’s University, BComm’19

As an authentic engagement specialist, in physical or virtual spaces, Andreas brings an infectious
energy that encourages enriching dialogue. Whether navigating motivational and comfortable topics, or
dealing with ‘tough’ or ‘uncomfortable’ narratives, such as, change management, high performance or
accountability and stewardship in the digital age, Andreas’ energy allows for a grounding, vulnerable
and authentic conversation.

Andreas’ style, approach, ability to leverage, energize and create shared language with the audience has led him to engage in national and international events and conferences in roles such as Keynote
Speaker, Master of Ceremonies (MC), event panelist, and workshop presenter. These engagements
occurred in venues such as The National Black Canadian Summit, The Social Enterprise World Forum,
Nova Scotia Government House with the Lt. Governor, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholar Celebration (both in Jamaica and in Canada), Saint Mary’s University Entrepreneurship Centre, various Regional and Provincial Summits, and the Mental Health Association of Canada’s Headstrong Conference. These events occurred in large groups of 400+, as well as smaller groups with Executive Teams, Board of Directors, Organizations and other mixes of stakeholders.

Andreas’ background in Entrepreneurship, Consulting, Training & Learning and Human Capital
Development has enabled him to lead two Federally Funded Programs – one focused on Anti-Black
Racism, Developing Young Professionals and work with multiple Municipalities (mayors, wardens,
municipal councillors, elders, executives and leaders from industry and community). He has actively led discussions, hosted events for stakeholders ranging from government, industry, community, youth,
elders, and directly engaged 7,500+ people ranging in age from 6 – 85+.

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