Emo Ikede



In 2002 Emo Ikede started his company, EjiTech (www.ejitech.com) to help people and businesses effectively manage their finances, increase productivity and achieve goals. He does this through coaching, workshops, seminars, online courses, publications and personal example. Emo enjoys showing people how to easily take control of their finances through practical steps that bring the greatest rewards over time. He believes everyone has a skill, hobby or passion that when realized, brings fulfilment and joy. This is why he actively helps people find their passion and live their best life. Emo is a published author, and one of his highlights in 2019 was donating 9000 copies of his book (How Students Save Over $10,000 A Year) to Grade 12 students to help them manage their finances as they transition out of high school and start their post-secondary education and careers. Emo uses his MBA, PMP (Project Management Professional), IT, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and Business Skills to help clients solve problems, get discovered and increase profits. In his spare time, Emo plays tennis, squash, chess, and is a budding realestate & equity investor. Emo is married to his sweetheart, and they both have a young and energetic daughter that reminds them each day how to live life to the fullest.

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