Leena Roy



Leena Roy BComm’21 is a social entrepreneur known for her unwavering commitment to driving positive change through innovation. As the Founder and CEO of Glozaar, she has embarked on a mission to create a world where people do business with compassion, drive social innovation and create sustainable impact for the betterment of humanity. Glozaar, Leena’s newest venture, serves as a powerful platform connecting social entrepreneurs with the resources, mentorship, and capital needed to transform groundbreaking ideas into reality. 

 Leena’s journey began in the world of Canadian banking during her early university years, where she honed her passion for developing efficiency-driven solutions that empower organizations to thrive. Over the years, she has spearheaded strategic initiatives in diverse sectors, including banking, real estate, and technology. Her areas of expertise are agile project management, consulting, process optimization, design thinking, leadership and community development.   

Beyond her professional pursuits, Leena is a polymath with a deep love for the arts, mindfulness, and physical fitness. She’s an avid reader, an amateur painter, a dedicated meditator, and an enthusiastic runner. Her holistic approach to life mirrors her approach to business, where creativity, innovation, and empathy converge to create meaningful and sustainable change. 


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