Omena Babalola MBA’92



Omena Babalola possesses a wealth of expertise in diverse areas such as management, accounting, finance, risk management, audit, and information technology. Beyond her professional achievements, Omena is an active community volunteer, dedicating her time to serve on the boards of various not-for-profit, charitable, and professional organizations in Winnipeg. She is also a mentor to young people, supporting their career and athletics aspirations.

A recently elected member of the Cambrian Credit Union Board, she also serves as Vice-President (since 2018) and Director (since 2012) of the Athletics Manitoba Board. For the past eighteen years, Omena has lent her auditing expertise to Manitoba Hydro, specialising in information technology, contracts, and operational engagements. Her abilities extend to identifying weaknesses in internal controls, uncovering opportunities for process enhancement, evaluating the impact of risks, and leading the charge in implementing effective solutions. Prior to her role at Manitoba Hydro, Omena contributed over six years as an Internal Auditor at the Western Canada Lotteries Corporation.

Omena has maintained a remarkable commitment to athletics. Her notable accomplishments include earning a Canadian University Bronze medal, dominating sprint events in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada, and receiving Manitoba Championship titles in the 100m and 200m events. A defining moment in her athletic journey was winning the bronze medal in the 200m at the Canadian Championships in 1992, defying expectations and emphasizing the limitless potential of striving to give one’s best. The

records she set in the 60m and 200m at Saint Mary’s University in 1992, still stand. She remains one of the top female athletes competing in sprint events at the Masters level, and her name graces the Manitoba Provincial Masters record book for short sprints, a testament to her enduring prowess.

In her role as a coach and mentor, Omena has touched the lives of countless people, especially young women at various stages of their athletic and career journeys, from elementary school to university and club levels. Her coaching philosophy centres on empowering young women to excel both on the field, in the workplace, and in their personal lives.

She is an exceptional mentor, with the ability to inspire and motivate. She leads by example, demonstrating a solid work ethic, perseverance, and a passion for continuous learning. She instills confidence in her mentees, helping them believe in their abilities and encouraging them to take on challenges with determination. Omena’s guidance is not limited to just professional matters; she also takes a personal interest in the growth and well-being of her mentees. Her ability to provide constructive feedback in a nurturing and supportive manner is a testament to her excellent mentoring skills.

Omena’s inspiring journey reminds us that laudable achievement is possible despite societal perceptions and limitations on age, gender, or race.

Her contributions to our community, both professionally and athletically, are truly exceptions.

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