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The Business Design Challenge presents an innovative approach to addressing business problems by involving skilled and eager graduate students with diverse expertise. This program offers businesses fresh perspectives by considering users, skills, and market trends from a different angle. Throughout a three-month period, MBA students will collaborate with business partners and receive guidance from our team to develop solutions. Each team will propose at least three solutions. Ultimately, the teams will deliver comprehensive consulting reports to the businesses, including market analysis, proposed solutions, and implementation strategies.

Program Commitment

Our Commitment to the Participating Organization

  • Provide a structured schedule of the program.
  • Manage Communications with the students.
  • Provide a consulting report per team in the program (est. 4-5 reports). Each Consulting reports will provide three potential solutions for the challenge you present. (including one in-depth solution and two other solutions on a cursory level)


Our Expectations of the Participating Organization

  • Join four in person sessions during the program.
  • Join three virtual sessions during the program. The virtual sessions will be an Ask Me Anything Session that offers support to the students as they progress in developing the right solutions for you

Get in touch

Are you a business interested in joining us for Business Design Challenge? Send in your entries and we will get back to you!
If you have any specific queries or questions for us, please submit them in the form.

Our journey so far

Over the past two years we have worked with two very different but fascinating businesses which included GALAXIA Mission Systems and RisingTide BioAcoustics. Both businesses brought forth specific challenges within their respective industries and had various solutions presented to them. Overall, we have engaged 30 students in the program and each business was provided with about 4–6 unique markets and directions of growth to take away and apply to their existing models.

Our Model

The model is structured to deliver an applied learning experience over the Fall term (September – December) and create a pipeline for more industry-academia collaborations to share the immense wealth of knowledge and resources that academia has to offer to the participating organizations. This program targets businesses in a field with constant product or process innovation that are seeking to grow and venture into new fields.

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