The Arena

Pitch Competition

The Arena Pitch Competition (formerly March Madness) showcases post-secondary students, recent grads, and alumni pitchers throughout the month of March. Modelled after the NCAA March Madness basketball competition, 64 entrepreneurs from across Canada will be selected to compete head-to-head in brackets as they strive to eventually be declared the best in the country. The total cash prize of $17,000 will be given to winners!




After being selected, students will be provided with the date and time of pitch, a pre-existing pitch rubric, and list of questions that will be randomly posed at presentation time. Development sessions will be provided for participants to prepare them for their month-long battle to victory.


After the conclusion of final events, the prize money would be invested towards the best student entrepreneur’s idea or business with total cash prizes of $17,000 provided by Metronomics.


  • Must be a student currently studying at or recently graduated from a recognized post-secondary institution (Undergraduate, Graduate, PhD students and Alumni (within one year of graduation)
  • Must be the owner or part owner of the business idea
  • Has not generated more than $25,000 in annual revenue in the business
  • Has not received more than $15,000 through external support or investment (though investors or other competitions)


The bracket along with times and Streamyard link for each head-to-head battle will be posted in the competition bracket on this page after students are selected. All times and Streamyard links will be set at the competition’s outset allowing students who make it through each round to encourage friends, family and other supporters to log on to view their next pitch. This also allows the pitch competition to become a spectator sport, with anyone from the community able to hop onto our facebook page  for any head-to-head battle.



March 4-13



March 18-21


March 25-28


April 2-3


April 8


April 9


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Areeb Khawaja, AccessResolve—2023 Winner

“The impact of winning The Arena competition on my life and career has been nothing short of remarkable. The $10,000 prize money served as a vital investment in my startup, allowing me to take significant steps towards realizing my entrepreneurial dreams. Moreover, the mentorship and guidance from business leaders and experts provided me with invaluable insights and connections that continue to shape my professional journey. To future contestants, I offer this advice: Believe in your idea and be prepared to put in the hard work. The Arena is a platform where innovation meets opportunity, and your dedication can make all the difference. Network, learn from others, and don’t be afraid to pivot when necessary. Embrace the feedback and challenges as stepping stones to success”.



Quinn Cavanagh, RFINE Biomass Solutions—2022 Winner

“This pitch competition is a unique opportunity to vet your pitching skills and receive a diverse range of feedback. Without question, by the end of the competition my pitching skills and confidence were enhanced. Winning the competition jumpstarted my entrepreneurial journey and empowered me to take the next steps of transitioning a good idea into a great business”.

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