Linking entrepreneurship and Saint Mary’s students from all disciplines in a 10-week program!

Registrations for Fall 2024 open in August! Stay tuned!


In this 10-week program, Saint Mary’s students across the Faculty of Science, Arts and Commerce will compete for the grand prize and a summer job opportunity with RBC Talent Hub at the Arthur L. Irving Entrepreneurship Centre.  While competing, the students will also be connected with experienced industry experts, senior managers and accomplished retirees to offer a platform for learning, networking and developing business plans. 

What to expect:

  • An eventful competition lasting for 10 weeks filled with lots of training and learning.  
  • Option to partner with or work alongside start-ups. 
  • Form cross-disciplinary teams from Science, Arts and Commerce.  
  • Network and meet experts and local entrepreneurs in your area of interest.  
  • Weekly engagement activities led by the team at Arthur L. Irving Entrepreneurship Centre.  
  • The chance to win $10,000 to contribute/develop your start-up idea.   


  • Must a Resident of Canada or be allowed to stay, study or work in Canada;
  • Must be a current (or registered for the 2023/2024 term) Saint Mary’s student from any faculty (Science, Arts or Commerce);  
  • At least one member of the team must attend all sessions.  

Innovation Cup 2023

The Innovation Cup 2023 was an ambitious pilot which took off on October 2. This 10-week experiential learning program took in 30 Saint Mary’s students from Arts, Commerce and Science making up 10 teams, for the grand prize of $10,000 to develop their start-up idea and a summer job opportunity! 

From early October through late November, these student teams worked on building their own unique business ideas through trials and tests. They had the support of community members, industry experts and the Centre’s staff guiding them through the different sessions and eliminations to increase and hone their business understanding, skills and network. 

On December 8, four teams went into Semi-Finals and Finals back-to-back with Plastarch Packaging coming our as the big winners!  


Plastarch Packaging, a bioplastic alternative to solve the need for environmentally friendly cutlery and food packaging. Introducing a durable, food-safe material created from set-to-be-wasted root vegetables high in starch. 

Susan MacInnis, Maddie Bristol and Mya MacDonald (left to right) are part of the Enactus crews at SMU. Hear more about their journey as they start their work term with us in January 2024 to take Plastarch Packaging further in its growth! 

Audience Choice

An audience of about 60 people present at the grand event voted for their favourite team and with a landslide victory, it was GalPal who won over the audience. The team comprised of Alexia Bourgeois, Sherebanu Jariwala and Lakshay Bansal (left to right)

Semi Finalists

SeaCycle, a water filtration system designed to remove plastic waste ranging from water bottles to microplastics using a multistage gravity filter, while also providing automated water quality reports. The team consisted of Jack Poirier, Aneesa Hussain and Gabriel Martin, who are also part of Enactus SMU and have been working on this project over the past year and also won the Atlantic AquaHacking Competition of 2023 in the process.  

Semi Finalists

CareETA, a comprehensive digital platform revolutionizing healthcare by providing real-time insights for waiting room well-being. With streamlined check-ins, remote waiting options, and personalized care experiences, it serves as your dedicated assistant, reshaping the future of accessible, transparent, and stress-free healthcare. The team is made up of Sorav Sogy, Ishaan Singh, Aarav Sen Mehta and Vaishali Sachdeva. They have gone on to win other competitions with Wicked Labs and more as they continue to validate and build their idea.

create a team

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