Faculty in Residence

The coaching sessions are open to anyone who is engaged in an entrepreneurial endeavour including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members. The coaching sessions are free of charge and are offered on a “first registered first served” basis.

Dr. Claudia De Fuentes

Assistant Professor Sobey School of business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Design Thinking to Spur
Creativity and Innovation

What to expect:

Design thinking has been embraced by many organizations as a methodology to help them innovate
and solve complex problems. In this session we will navigate the core tenets of design thinking and
get you ready to bring this knowledge to your organization.


Topic Overview:

  • The session is useful to walk through the methodology of design thinking and different
    tools of design thinking.
  • During the session several tools will be presented to help the entrepreneur and
    organization navigate the design thinking process later in their organizations.
  • The implementation of design thinking contributes to teamwork, listening, observation,
    brainstorming, self-confidence, awareness and innovation.


Email smuec@smu.ca to sign up for a free coaching session

Dr. Mathew Boland

Assistant Professor Sobey School of business


Using Data to Make Better Decisions Free Online Coaching Sessions

Coaching Topics:

  • Advanced data analytics
  • Making better managerial decisions
  • Using data available in, and outside, the company

Would be great for:

  • Companies that have been collecting data (e.g. through point-of-sale system) but don’t know how to get insights from this data
  • Companies using rudimentary data analysis, perhaps using MS excel, but hope to “get more” out of their data by employing some advanced techniques
  • Companies that aren’t yet collecting data and want to chat about how to get started

Email smuec@smu.ca to sign up for a free coaching session

Dr. Ethan Pancer

Assistant Professor Sobey School of Business, Marketing


Delivering Customer Value

Coaching Topics:

  • Marketing research
  • Segmenting
  • Targeting
  • Positioning
  • Branding
  • Insights from consumer data
  • Strategic marketing communications

Would be great for:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of customers and what motivates buying behavior
  • Position new products and services and evaluate the effectiveness of current positioning strategies
  • Understand the value of your brands and how to build, develop, and leverage that value
  • Maximize consumer engagement online

Email smuec@smu.ca to sign up for a free coaching session

The Faculty in Residence program was launched in October 2020 through the Saint Mary’s University Entrepreneurship Centre (SMUEC), in partnership with the Sobey School of Business. This new exciting program helps to mobilize the business expertise that exists within the Sobey School to help budding entrepreneurs and local business-owners improve their operations, strategies, and services. Each term, two faculty members are chosen to serve as the “SMUEC Faculty in Residence”. During their term, faculty will meet with business owners for a 45 minute individual coaching session and troubleshoot their challenges, provide knowledge, and give referrals where required.

If you’d like to book a coaching session with our current Faculty in Residence send us an email (smuec@smu.ca) .

If you’re an interested faculty member looking to get involved click here (Monique.boudreau@smu.ca) .


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