Robot Prototyping Sessions

 Create your own soccer robot


During these prototyping workshops, students will immerse themselves in experiential learning. The topics covered span from gaining real-world entrepreneurial insights to the step-by-step process of constructing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Throughout these courses, participants will actively progress through the phases of developing their unique prototypes.


The Process

Register for the prototyping sessions
Attend 5 sessions and learn how to build your robot
Compete in a soccer tournament at the end of the sessions


  • Enrolled in an accredited University (Includes Undergraduate, Master’s, MTEI, PhD students, etc.)
  •  Available for bi-weekly in person sessions
  • Spaces limited to 10 students from each faculty


What to expect:

  • Brief introduction of Mohammed Issa and Eureka Technologies
  • Setting the stage: Objectives, what to expect, and the end-goal (robot competition)
  • Ice-breaker activity and initial entrepreneurship insights
What to expect:

  • Core principles of starting and running a business
  • Introducing the Arduino-based robot project
  • Initial steps in building the robot: Assembling the base components
What to expect:

  • How to come up with and validate innovative business ideas
  • Hands-on: Progressing with robot assembly, focusing on mechanics and mobility
What to expect:

  • The importance of technology, with emphasis on 3D printing and automation in modern businesses
  • Hands-on: Integrating sensors and additional features to the robot
What to expect:
  • Exploring the concept of MVP in product and business development
  • Hands-on: Testing the robot functionalities, adjustments, and troubleshooting
What to expect:
  • Review of entrepreneurship topics covered
  • Teams present their robots
  • Robot soccer competition or dancing robot showcase
  • Awards and acknowledgments

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