Entrepreneurship Connector at Volta

A new partnership between Saint Mary’s University and Volta, an innovation hub in downtown Halifax, will see the university become the first post-secondary institution to provide its students and faculty direct access to Volta’s community of innovators with a dedicated work space onsite.

Saint Mary’s will have a permanent office space at Volta, dubbed the Entrepreneurship Connector, that can house up to six people. The space allows Saint Mary’s community to build stronger relationships within Halifax’s innovation district while providing access to resources, helping create new experiential learning opportunities, and enabling Saint Mary’s faculty, researchers and programs to better reach and engage with the community and local businesses.

Whether you are a student, freelancer, entrepreneur, jobseeker or part of a startup company, Network Membership at Volta may be for you.


Network Membership at Volta was created with the intention of developing a community of highly engaged individuals that are interested in technology and entrepreneurship. This membership allows individuals to be a part of a community where they can meet other like-minded individuals, collaborate and learn from one another all while creating startups that are globally minded but locally based.

How To Book The Space


  • When a student completes the Network Member Application Form, they will receive a Welcome Email to book a tour and an onboarding pass.
  • Once the tour is completed, they will sign a waiver and have access to Optix. Optix is how they sign-in to the cowering space, book meeting rooms (including the university’s space), and use their Optix ID to register for free events.
  • The Arthur L. Irving Entrepreneurship Centre’s Entrepreneurship Connector can be booked on Optix under “Book a Desk” 

Volta Academy

This program helps future founders go from big idea to a viable tech-focused startup. With the support of industry experts, participants learn how to test and validate ideas, outline a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and plan scalability.

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