Keisha Turner



Keisha: athlete, entrepreneur, innovator, and philanthropist, has a unique lived experience that emboldens her to disrupt status quo thinking by asking thoughtful and challenging questions, delivering meaningful solutions, and inspiring others to level-up the way they perceive the world.

A first generation graduate of Saint Mary’s University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (2012) Keisha is the co-founder of Starberry Drink Co and is the co-founder of Akwekon Enterprises Inc. an innovation and consulting firm that builds equitable pathways for organizations, businesses, and their leadership.

Keisha brings a differentiated set of strengths and two eyed perspectives to problem solving including strategic planning, equity and action, program development and innovation, corporate wellness coaching, assessment, and fostering collaborative and diverse energy between communities.

Keisha’s passion for sport, fitness, health, and mindfulness continue to lead her down a path toward overall good living at every stage of her life. She is thrilled to be able to bring her lived and professional experience and contribute to the on-going work of the Arthur L. Irving Entrepreneurship Centre.

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