Shubhra Singh MTEI’23



Shubhra Singh stands at the helm of technological innovation and strategic leadership as the revered CEO and founder of EmployNXT. Renowned as a technopreneur par excellence, Shubhra has carved her niche in digital transformation, program management, and scaling technology operations, complimenting her extensive expertise in ERP, AI, ML, and Six Sigma practices. Additionally, as a vanguard of diversity in technology, she has championed women and the LGBTQ2+ community, upholding a future where every individual has equal opportunities to excel in the tech realm.

Career Summary:

Over a career spanning more than a decade, Shubhra has excelled in steering global companies through the ever-evolving digital landscape. At CloudKettle and FarEye, she managed portfolios worth hundreds of millions and spearheaded significant improvements in Net Recurring Revenue and customer satisfaction. Her remarkable leadership in product improvement yielded a 400% profitability increase, validating her acumen in investment and development strategy. From Wiley to VLCC, Shubhra has led digital initiatives that overwhelmingly succeeded in reducing costs, enhancing customer acquisition, and driving sales through e-commerce platforms. At EmployNXT, Shubhra realized her vision—automating 90% of recruitment processes, drastically reducing turnaround times, and pioneer diversity hiring on a global scale.

Key Skills and Expertise:

Renowned for her strategic foresight and impeccable execution, Shubhra’s repertoire includes managing a portfolio of USD 50 million and leading a versatile team of over 250 professionals. Her strategic initiatives have consistently resulted in profitability enhancements and swifter market entries. Adept in various technologies ranging from front end and back end technologies to enterprise solutions like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, she is also well-versed in AI/ML, big data, analytics, and robotics automation. Her strategic prowess in improving net recurring revenue and project quality echoes in her initiatives in global expansion, cross-domain partnership developments, and Agile/Lean project methodologies.

Educational Background:

Shubhra’s strong foundation in technology is backed by a Master of Technology in Software Engineering from Banasthali Vidyapith and a Bachelor of Engineering from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. She added a layer to her academic prowess with a Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation from the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University, equipping her with both theoretical and applied insights into the technological entrepreneurship landscape. Shubhra Singh embodies the essence of a pioneering technopreneur whose career has been a testament to achieving exceptional outcomes through skillful application of technology and management practices. Her commitment to creating more inclusive workplaces for women and the LGBTQ+ community continues to inspire and break new ground in the tech industry and beyond.

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