Ron Lovett is an author, entrepreneur, and leader with a passion for change. He builds companies with a purpose – brands that challenge and disrupt their industries.

Always in pursuit of a smarter, better way, he relentlessly researches best and simple processes and is quick to execute. Ron loves going back to the drawing board and also enjoys leveraging his best practices to provide consulting services to other businesses.

His private security and investigations company, Source Security & Investigations, which he recently sold at 5x the industry multiple, was all about changing the security industry. Passionate in his mission to develop the culture in his organization, Ron’s hands-on approach is key and that rock star culture is what sets Source Security apart in an otherwise tired, boring industry. Not only has this helped the company attract the best talent, but it has accomplished three times the industry average profits, and grown from a local Halifax-based company to over 1500 employees across Canada.

He is now helping other companies achieve the same incredible results in his new company, Connolly Owens. All about unleashing human potential in organizations, Connolly Owens relentlessly pursues alignment – in organizational culture, processes, values – and teaches companies how to create the communication rhythms and accountability to get their entire team focused on the same company goals and using their individual talents to get there.

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