Natasha Fernandes

Project Manager - TD Inclusion Initiative

Dream Business

Owning a Publication Agency

Ask Me About

Pitch competitions and student events

From RBC Talent Hub to The Arena, Natasha has worked with Arthur L. Irving Entrepreneurship Centre on a variety of different projects. She helps students and community members learn about new opportunities. If Natasha was going to start a business it would be an interactive publishing agency and she would like to be a literary agent for many young and aspiring authors. Outside of work you will find her lurking around Tim Hortons or Starbucks for her daily TEA not coffee fix. A fun fact about Natasha is that she loves to ride boats and wishes to one day own a boat and go on a voyage far far away. Students can come to me for Pitch coaching, Business ideas, competitions, pitch club, job opportunities, centre events, partnership opportunities, diversity and inclusion.

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